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BNH LPG Cylinders manufacturers Cylinders required for storage of various liquids and gases like LPG, BUTANE, PROPANE, FREON, AMMONIA, ACETYLENE, ETC. in a wide range of various capacities for use in domestic, industrial sectors. Manufacturing of these cylinders requires special expertise , technology and strict quality control measures. These tanks are manufactured confirming to various design standards like ASME SECT VIII DIV I & II, AD- MERKBLATTER, PD5500, IS2825 and under the stagewise inspection of various third party inspection agencies like DNV, BVIS, TUV, LLOYDS ,PDIL and others.


We maintain a striking balance in maintaining the delivery schedules, costs of development and quality without making any compromises on any of these factors which could prove to be of any hindrance later.

  • Cost advantage to customers.
  • Committed to time bound supply.
  • Best Quality Product.
  • Build strong rapport with our clients.
  • LPG has low particle emissions, low NOx emissions, and low sulphur content meaning that it does not pollute the air as much as many other energy sources.
    LPG can be used practically anywhere. From emergency relief operations to isolated islands to ski resorts at altitude - LPG can reach places other energies can not.
    Due to the its dual origins and the fact that it's easily transportable, LPG offers a secure alternative to other energy sources which are part of a grid system.
    Gaseous fuels such as LPG offer inherently high efficiency, an advantage that has been greatly enhanced by the emergence of performance-optimising technology such as condensing boilers and renewable/LPG hybrid systems.
    LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Process

    LPG Cylinder

    Production Lines

    BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P offers complete turnkey solutions for the LPG Cylinder Production (and Maintenance) Facilities to manufacture (or to perform overhaul maintenance of) the domestic, industrial and picnic type LPG cylinders.

    LPG Cylinder Production within the guidelines of the international standards such as EN 1442 involves several process steps starting from forming to final testing that can be streamlined into the following lines:

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    Our Products

    We offer wide range of Products, designed according to international standards.

    lpg cylinders

    LPG Gas Cylinders

    For easy transportation and lower usage, LPG cylinders are the best option. BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P a variety of cylinder sizes, ranging from 3kg to 50kg.

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    butane gas cylinder

    Butane Gas Cylinders

    Butane Gas Cylinders are the ideal solution for cooking or for camping and heating in your caravan, the 7Kg and 15Kg etc. cylinders can also be used in mobile cabinet heaters.

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    Propane Gas Cylinders

    Propane gas cylinder have a wide range of uses and are the perfect solution for heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans, narrow boats and catering vans.

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    Ammonia Gas Cylinders

    We are into offering a premium range of Ammonia Cylinders. Offered Ammonia Gas Cylinders are equipped with best quality valves that are very easy to open and close.

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    Freon Gas Cylinders

    Freon cylinders produced by BNH LPG Cylinders, with a capacity of 1 liter up to 22 liters are made with top quality materials and manufactured by selected certificates.

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    Acetylene Gas Cylinders

    Acetylene Gas is a fuel gas ideal for Oxy-Acetylene welding, cutting, localised heating and flame hardening. Available in Instrument Grade.

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    LPG Domestic Cylinders

    We manufacture LPG bottles of various capacities ranging from 2 Kgs to 50 Kgs . These LPG domestic cylinders comes with valve , Hose and Regulator with all safety norms.

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    Cooking Gas Cylinders

    Government has allowed the sale of 5 Kg LPG cylinder with / without Domestic Pressure Regulator (DPR) through Public Sector Oil Marketing companies (OMCs) Retail outlets, which are accessible to all.

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    Bottled Gas

    BNH LPG Cylinders, bottled gas, with a range of products adapted to each market, aimed at major consumption to satisfy its customers needs and provide them quality and service.

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    Refrigerant Cylinders

    With BHN LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P ,our customers enjoy the convenience of a superior gas management system that saves time and money.

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    Applications Area

    LPG is used worldwide in a number of different applications.


    LPG supports a wide range of industrial processes & services, notably where a high degree of precision & flexibility in process temperatures, a strong flame are required.

    Professional & Commercial

    Millions of businesses, from restaurants to hotels, to independent smal professionals, to contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications.

    Mobility & Transport

    Autogas is the abridged name for automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas, or LPG) – that is, LP Gas used as an automotive transport fuel.

    Energy & Power

    As one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, LPG complements renewable energy sources and technologies which depend on variable weather conditions or daylight.


    Several billion people around the world use LPG for a variety of applications. Cooking and heating are well known but LPG is also used to generate power, clean and dry clothes.

    Public Sector

    Today, many cities and municipalities worldwide have adopted clean air policies. The versatility of LPG makes it the perfect fuel for hundreds of applications in the public sector.



    Choosing BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P as your LPG partner means you can always rely on us for more than just good service.

    Instant Gas connection

    Getting a gas connection with BNH LPG CYLINDERS L.L.P is easy, hassle-free & involves minimal paperwork. Provide photo identity and address proof, get a new LPG connection delivered within 24 hours.

    On Time LPG Delivery

    Our infrastructure comprises of 3 import terminals, 21 filling plants and 4 cylinder depots combined with a 350+ strong distribution network of franchisees – all to serve your LPG needs – on time, every time.

    Installation & Maintenance

    Operational excellence of an LPG installation depends on the efficiency of design, engineering and maintenance of LPG storage system. We excel in offering specialized, professional services on a turnkey basis.

    Assured Quantity & Quality

    Our LPG conforms to IS 4576:1999 standards and passes through stringent quantity and quality control checks.

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    Frequently Ask Qustion

    LPG is an eco-friendly choice, as it is a low carbon, low sulphur fuel. LPG results in lower CO2 emissions than other energy sources, such as coal fired electricity.

    Cylinders are filled to a level which will provide a remaining vapour space, adequate to facilitate the thermal expansion of the liquid when subject to a temperature increase. Each time a cylinder is filled, it must be have a soapy water leak check by the fill operator in accordance with the standard operating procedure for decant filling. There is no danger with transporting small volume LPG cylinders that are appropriately restrained and correctly filled. However, like all other fuels, LPG should be treated with care. LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas = propane & butane) has the advantage of clean burning, high heating value and the fact that it can be kept liquid (i.e. at a very low volume when compared to the volume of the gas) by holding it slightly pressurerized. There are many designs and sizes of such pressure tanks from the oneway lighter to LPG tankers.

    LPG comes from drilling oil and gas wells. It is a fossil fuel that does not occur in isolation. LPG is found naturally in combination with other hydrocarbons, typically crude oil and natural gas. LPG is produced during natural gas processing and oil refining.

    PG is made during natural gas processing and oil refining. LPG is separated from unprocessed natural gas using refrigeration. LPG is extracted from heated crude oil using a distillation tower. This LPG can be used as is or separated into its three primary parts: propane, butane and isobutane. It is stored pressurised, as a liquid, in cylinders or tanks.

    The pressure inside of an LPG 45kg cylinder, or larger vessel, is dependent upon the temperature of the vessel. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure of the LPG within the cylinder. The pressure range for LPG (propane) is from 152 kPa (24 PSIG) at 0ºC to 1794 kPa (257 PSIG) at 54ºC. The LPG – propane – exists as both liquid and vapour (gas) within the cylinder.